Vinicius Theodoro is a Brazilian designer and creative director, based in São Paulo, he develops brand communication, brand identity, and art direction in fashion and advertising, creating integrated projects for institutions, brands, and individuals. He currently works as head of design for BBDO NY and also owns and operates a design studio called TEMPO®. Prior to that, Vinicius led a team at Wieden+Kennedy, focusing on the design and development of brand identities. More information.
Afropunk, Ambev, Budweiser, C&A, Coca Cola, Companhia das Letras, Cosmo, Eixo, Embraer, Hering, Hershey’s, Netflix, Nike, Nubank, Olympikus & others.
Collaborated with
Gabriel Masan, Irmãs de Pau, MAR+VIN, MESA Company, Pedro Andrade (PIET), Pedro Nekoi, PORTO ROCHA, THINKERS & others.

(Nike) Play New | Vai no Novo

“Play New” is more than just a slogan.It's how Nike will look and behave, inside and out. Play New was created to mean different things to different people. To help tell the stories in this narrative, we use graphic tools that contain a simple and vibrant container to celebrate all the different dimensions in which Play New can come to life.

Client: Nike
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Role: Graphic Designer and Art Director

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