I develop brand communication, brand identity, packaging design and art direction in fashion and advertising, creating integrated projects for institutions, brands and individuals for both print and online projects. I am currently working at Wieden + Kennedy as a Senior Designer and I am also a partner and founder of Dialeto.

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eQlibri is a Pepsico snack brand that talks to women about having a balanced life and self-acceptance.


Client: Pepsico
Agency: BETC SP
Role: Packaging Designer and Art Director
Recognition: Cannes Lions - Shortlist
Cresta Awards - Silver
São Paulo Creative Club - Shortlist

limited edition packs especially developed for the PepsiCo

To make clear the positioning, we created a special edition representing women of all accents, colors and shapes at the most important point of a brand: its own packaging. After several studies in the category, we found a little explored territory in the packaging and we built a system of labels to unify the six flavors. We invite the illustrator Helena Sbeghen to perform the art of packaging.

From the original format We gave them a new look by bringing hierarchy in the information and a more attractive color palette.

Some Works from 2017 to 2020